Brazilian Eyes by Tommy Mac Jazz | Dedicated to the World Cup 2014

June 8, 2014
Dedicated to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Tommy Mac Jazz aka: DJ JazzyRoxs brings a fresh original composition and mix of House, Dubstep, EDM & Old School CTI Smooth Jazz together in "Brazilian Eyes" released on his own label.

Proceeds donated to Livingwell Clinic.


released 05 June 2014

Produced, Written & Arranged by: Tommy Mac Jazz aka: DJ JazzyRoxs

Brazilian Eyes by Tommy Mac Jazz

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall NEW Show Coming Soon!

June 8, 2014

Fellow BOGW listening fans and haters..ha!:

Allot of water has passed under the bridge since my last podcast here way back in Aug of 2011.

Let me just say, I submit to you that in the continuing evolution of BOGW,  you will find it even more interesting, revealing while speaking truth to power than ever before. 

Slightly new format, absolutely NEW tools, mics, studio etc.  Most importantly though, it's speaking to you the sports bettor and meeting your needs and wants, while learning a thing or two about real music, a real seasoned pro musician, how it's produced today and performed in the digital age like never before, etc along the way.

If you have very specific topics you would like me to expand upon concerning how to bet sports, please e-mail me personally at:  or twitter me at:  tommy__mac

The new shows will start sometime in August of this year, don't have a specific day, so best way to stay on top of that is to follow me on twitter.

Look forward to sharing with you so much of my adventures, ups/downs, travels, unbelievable stories, but most of all hearing from you, the fans and even haters of what you liked, or what you hated..I look at it like it's all good.


Tommy Mac

Bookmaker = Crookmaker

August 24, 2011


Betting Odds Graffiti Wall Podcast #36 | Aug 24th, 2011 | Bookmaker = Crookmaker

In this Betting Odds Graffiti Podcast, Tommy Mac Covers:

- Big Right Hand Media LLC - Update from Floyd's camp

- 3 Biggest reasons why you lose at sports betting

- Ringside seat of just how tmac handicapps baseball

- Main Topic: Why you should fade books in Costa Rica especially Bookmaker

INTRO TRACK: “Early Bird Cafe" : Jerry Hahn & the Brotherhood CBS 1970

OUT TRACK: "One O'Clock Jump” : Maynard Ferguson Cameo 1962 from the album The New Sounds Of Maynard Ferguson

Betting Odds | Graffit Wall Podcast from Las Vegas : by your host

Tommy Mac

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Zab “Super” Judah vs Kaizer Mabuza Press Conference Audio

April 4, 2011


Live Audio from Zab Judah & Kaizer Mabuza Final Press Conference March 2nd, 2011

From Brick City Bar and Grill, Newark, NJ – March 2, 2011

These are some of the more important quotes. We apologize for the low sound quality, but apparently no one had ever heard of such a thing as a microphone or a PA system??? Really?? Ya, I was astounded there was no such thing at such an important press conference. Even standing in front as I did, you couldn't hear everything..

IMPORTANT NOTE: For all of the insider pictures of this historic event go to our new facebook site and give us a LIKE, or I will send Mike Tyson to your door to put a tattoo on YOUR face!! HA!!

Check out Zab's DRAMATIC KO of Kaizer in the 7th Round!

Join me for some very very interesting updates to come on my TWITTER site;

And finally bookmark our brand new events blog for the boxing industry out of Las Vegas at: Big Right Hand Media

Kathy Duva: “Since Zab came back to Main Events in July, he has done everything we have asked, gone above and beyond. He is taking all the steps he needs to take to regain that Jr welterweight title that he first won so many years ago, coincidentally against a South African. Before he can succeed he has to deal with this gentleman, Kaizer Mabuza, who has the same idea. Kaizer Mabuza has come here all the way from South Africa. I am sure he has worked his entire life to get to the same place. They both have the same goal.

“Some of you may have seen Kaizer Mabuza when he first came to NJ and scored an upset against Kendall Holt. We know what he can do; we know what Zab can do. There are so many fights that people talk about lately and the results are a foregone conclusion. This is not the case here. We have a very explosive combination of styles that is going to make for an amazing event. We are not just going through the motions here, this is about do or die for both of them.”

Kaizer Mabuza: “I’m glad to be back in America. It’s an honor to me to fight a person like Zab Judah. I think he had his time; he’s a former world champion. I think this is my time, because I’m still hungry for success. And I promise him, when I take the ring I change, I become a new man. I’m hungry for success so you have to expect that it will be like fireworks!”

Kathy Duva, speaking of Pernell Whitaker training Zab Judah: “I was privileged to start my career with Pernell Whitaker. I got to sit ringside for almost every fight he had with my heart in my throat the whole time, begging him to stop doing that! Zab is very privileged to now have Pernell working with him. As he says, reminding him of the things he has to do. Teaching him how to deal with whatever is going to be thrown at him on Saturday night and in the future.”

Pernell Whitaker: “First of all I’m not here to talk about strategy. I think I’ve given Zab enough, that he has enough in his toolkit for this particular fight. He’s done everything I’ve asked him to do; he’s done a little more. Whatever Zab used to do in the past, is in the past, and now he has a new direction, a great direction. He’s one of boxing’s best. So I expect to see that.”

“The name of the sport is called boxing. You don’t call it knockout. You can go get that on video. He’s got all the finesse, and finesse and speed brings power. All the old habits Zab once had are no longer there. He’s listening. You guys are gonna see, defense makes offense.”

Zab Judah: “Pernell has been a great influence. I think we are going to Def Comedy Jam after this! Not only has Pernell Whitaker brought great skills to me, but he tweaked my whole world. He also brought humor, entertainment and kept the camp happy. He brought a lot of excitement, joy and fun. We had a great training camp in Las Vegas. We trained very, very hard for this fight. He came in for a six weeks of training camp, but I’d been training myself long before that. I kind of skipped Christmas and New Years and focused on Kaizer Mabuza. I kept my mind focused on the plan. I mean, I’m ready.”

“In the past I have predicted rounds, knockouts, etc, etc. This fight I prepared myself for twelve rounds. I’ve prepared myself for 100%. You know there’s a myth about Zab’s gonna fade and all that. For this fight, I went to the master right here (Pernell Whitaker). He’s known for going 12 rounds; he’s known for being the best fighter out there. His defensive skills are phenomenal, his offensive skills are phenomenal. I took what he’s got and put it with what I’ve got and ya’ll know what that’s gonna bring. It’s gonna be magic.”

“As a young kid I mimicked and idolized Pernell Whitaker coming up, and watched him and Mike Tyson. Those two styles are different. You got one deep to the body, you got one aggressive fighter, so I mixed the both of them in and I got Zab Judah.”

“I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for bringing me here. I respect Kaizer Mabuza for what he’s done and his climb to the top. Me and my trainers, we’ve prepared ourselves well for this opportunity. He’s a young man here (Mabuza), he has a lot of time to come back and try to do this again, but this Saturday night is not his time. I respect him for coming over and taking this opportunity, but Saturday night you will see a five time champion of the world!”

“Americans are missing one thing – they’re missing an American hero, and I’m here to take over that spot.”

Kathy Duva, speaking about the undercard: “We are moving into a new room at Prudential Center, a fabulous space that is going to be an intimate boxing club that we intend to continue using as time goes on. Starting out, we have not only a card that includes a big world title fight, but also a lot of young fighters that you’re going to see again and again. What we’re going to see on Saturday night are some people who are going to be the future world champions, people that you’re going to look back one day and say, ‘Yeah, I saw his pro debut, I saw him in his fifth or tenth fight.’ That’s the type of fights we are bringing here.”

“On the undercard we have Jose Peralta of Jersey City, who upset Steven Martinez in his last fight. Making a fight for this fighter (Peralta) has been particularly trying for Jolene (Mizzone) and Russell Peltz, our matchmakers, because 5 opponents have backed out on this fellow and that is a testament to how good he must be.”

“We have a gentleman who’s kind of in the same position Zab was in, “Marvelous” Tarvis Simms. He wants to get back on top, wants to fight his way back into the rankings and is hopefully gonna follow the same pattern and get there. He is 26-1-1, with 11KO’s. This is his first fight at 160 pounds in over 2 years. He intends to challenge in the middleweight tournament hopefully by the end of this year, and no later than the beginning of next year.”

“Sadam Ali has fought at Prudential Center 7 times. He’s a former 2008 Olympian. He will be fighting in his toughest fight to date against Juliano Ramos of Brazil, who has fought Mike Jones and Kermit Cintron, so this is definitely a step up in class.”

“On the card we also have Shemuel Pagan of Brooklyn, who made his pro debut with us and made quite an impression in a really exciting fight. He is a former NY Golden Gloves Champion.”

“Another Brooklynite on the card is Chris Crosby. He is Zab’s brother, he is 5-1, and he will be fighting his second pro fight.”

“Making his pro debut will be Vinny O’Brien from East Hanover, NJ. He has been making quite a stir. He is managed by Lou Esa, a gentleman who fought in Ice World many years ago.”

FIGHT INFO: The fight promoted by Main Events and Super Judah Promotions will take place on March 5th at Prudential Center’s AmeriHealth Pavilion, Newark, NJ. Doors open at 7:30pm, First fight 8:00pm. Tickets priced at $253 Ringside, $103 Reserved seating on floor, $88 General Admission in Bleachers and $53 GA Standing Room on floor. Tickets available at Prudential Center Box Office, by calling TicketMaster at 800-745-3000 or

Judah vs. Mabuza will be distributed in North American by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 9 PM/ET 6 PM/PT on both cable and satellite pay per view via iN Demand, DIRECTV, Avail-TVN and DISH Network in the United States, as well as Viewer’s Choice and Bell TV in Canada, for a suggested retail price of only $29.95.

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James Harvey: Zab Judah’s Right Hand Man

February 21, 2011


- Tommy Mac Interviews: James Harvey on Sat, Feb 19th, 2011 at the "Hit Factory" in Las Vegas

- Topics Include: How Jimmy became Zab Judah's right hand man, some very interesting facts in boxing history, and most importantly what the team Judah camp has experienced these last 9 weeks in getting Zab prepared for his IFB World Title fight on March 5th, 2011

- Zab Judah vs Kaizer Mabuza for the I.B.F. World Championship at 140 lbs LIVE on Pay Per View from the Purdential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Sat March 5th, 2011

- For more info go to Super Judah Productions

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Superbowl XLV: Tommy Mac

February 6, 2011


Tommy Mac Live from the HARD ROCK hotel in Las Vegas gives you exactly what and how he is playing superbowl XLV! FREE!

Plus his update on what has been going on since he arrived back home in Vegas since Dec 23rd, 2010

Bowl Game Run and review finishing a very strong 24-12..and much much more..

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Betting Football: How To Build Your Bankroll

July 27, 2010

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall: Shit Kicker Podcast

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall Podcast #34 | July 27th, 2010 | How To Build Your Bankroll

In this Betting Odds Graffiti Podcast, Tommy Mac Covers:

- TMac's Road Tour scheduled for Sept 10 starting in N. Carolina

- Special Bonuses & Benefits Programs

- NEW LPS Twitter Site

- Main Topic: How To Build Your Bankroll for the football season

INTRO TRACK: “Little Bitty’” by Allan Jackson: Written by: Tom T. Hall

OUT TRACK: :” Long Black Train” : Josh Turner

Betting Odds | Graffit Wall Podcast Host Podcasting from Costa Rica:

Tommy Mac

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Betting Baseball: Why Doubles Matter

July 13, 2010

Baseball Graffiti Allstar Game 2010

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall Podcast #33 | July 13th, 2010 | MLB Allstar Game

In this Betting Odds Graffiti Podcast, Tommy Mac Covers:

- LPS Limited 25% Affiliate Offer: Call Casey Mc Dougal 1-800-949-5518

- Las Vegas March Madness In Las Vegas

- NEW Tommy Mac Website

- New Betting Odds Podcast Graffiti Site at Twitter

- Crush Shot Sports Bet Crush Shots Site at Twitter

- New Las Plamas Sportsbook Site at Twitter

- Las Palmas Sportsbook Line & Floor Manager Facebook Page of: Casey Mc Dougal

INTRO TRACK: “Mackn'” by Ronnie Scott

OUT TRACK: :” Home” : Mick Hucknall

Betting Odds | Graffit Podcast Host Podcasting from Costa Rica:

Tommy Mac

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Superbowl Pick Saints vs Colts 2010

February 6, 2010

Superbowl Poster 2010

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall Podcast #32 | Feb 06th, 2010 | Special Superbowl Pick Edition

“Tommy Mac's Superbowl Pick Saints vs Colts”

In this Betting Odds Graffiti Podcast, Tommy Mac Covers:

- Tommy Mac's New Facebook Page

- Crush Shot Sports new price effective now: Just $100 per month

- Pacquio vs Mayweather fight update: TMac will be in Vegas office March 10th, 2010

- New Twitter Accounts

- Las Palmas Sportsbook Office Manager's new Facebook Page of: Casey Mc Dougal

- TMacs pick for the superbowl side and total ATS

INTRO TRACK: "Get What You Need" by The Jets

OUT TRACK: :” Guitar" : Prince

Betting Odds | Graffit Podcast Host:

Tommy Mac

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Betting NFL Playoffs 2010

January 15, 2010

Count Basie Graffiti Kansas City Missouri Christmas 2009

Betting Odds Graffiti Wall Podcast #31 | Jan 15th, 2010

“Betting NFL Playoffs 2010”

In this Betting Odds Graffiti Podcast, Tommy Mac Covers:

- Betting NFL Playoffs Homefield Advantage

- Difference between betting Money Line and Point Spread

- TMac's excellent adventures in KC, for the Holidays..

- FREE $50 Sports Betting Account for the playoffs

- TMac's new FACEBOOK page Anyone is welcome to join as a friend!

- Twitter TMac:

- Late Steam Crush Shot Hotline only $29 per day

- FREE One Day Crush Shot Pass

- FREE Picks daily at:

INTRO TRACK: TMac's Schmoove Groove

OUT TRACK: :” In Your Wildest Dreams” : Barry White/Tina Turner

Betting Odds | Graffit Podcast Host:

Tommy Mac

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